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Bespoke plaster mold making service. Moulds for customer requirments

Moulds for customer requirements made and sold in the greater Auckland area and New Zealand wide from supplied models. Models need to be of permanent materials and in good condition. However, where poor quality models are all that is available, I may have to seal or repair them before work can begin. Poor models don’t make good molds. So this will be a part of the cost to the client. My objective is make good moulds for customer requirements. I aim to supply what is required.


Mold types

Slip cast and pottery press molds and mould redemption work – new molds off damaged molds, some model making undertaken.

Quality Molds.

I make from best mold making plaster with care and attention to detail.

Cost effective

I make second and subsequent molds at a reduced cost to the first mold if made at the same time as the first mold.

Estimates of cost.

I require to see the model in order to give estimates. However, in the first instance a photograph may suffice

Redeem  damaged molds with new
Process of last resort – don’t despair!
mold smashed

crumbs and chunks


Where a mold exists – but is worn.

I can often to achieve a satisfactory result without having to go back to the beginning and this will reduce the cost. Worn mold and model required.

You have lost the model but have a mold in good condition and require additional molds.

I can achieve a new mold where an existing mold exists and is good condition, but the model has been lost,

 New Mold required damaged model

damaged model for mold making


In these cases, I may have to repair the model before mold making can commence. However, restoration of the model may incur an additional charge.

Mold redemption – damaged molds, no model.

I can often achieve results in this complex process. Save all pieces and crumbs, send pictures initially so I can assess, and if redemption is possible, I will require all parts of the of the mold.

As a plaster mold maker  I start with a model – or not! Firstly , you might have given me your mold you want duplicated but don’t have a model. Secondly, you might give me your model but it is damaged. Alternatively, you have a model but you want it altered. For example: you have a vase but you want the  bottom to become the top and the top the bottom! To say nothing of the broken molds – mere chunks and crumbs and the expectation I can produce a mold with no model at all! Yes, I’ve done that!

Either way, I start with plaster, some cord or string, a little clay, a few boards and a selection of tools – many of my own manufacture and my acquired knowledge.

I have seen many permutations of the above mentioned scenarios. However, do not despair. You should not think your mold problem cannot be solved. Step forward with what you have and I may be able to produce a satisfactory result.

About Richard Lees. Mold maker.

Richard Lees has been making molds for 15 years and lives in Riverhead, Auckland, New Zealand

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