Tinder Box Clay Tobacco Pipes

I  make a  range of  traditional clay tobacco smoking pipes  ( pottery pipes) Here you can see and select a clay tobacco smoking pipes to buy  online.  There you will see my   Victorian clay pipe range  : The straws and cuttys, pipes that are particularly suitable for   historical re enactment.  In the  Gin pressed pipe section  read information on the   Pakuranga toastie  pottery pipe  made by  the traditional process with out of the ground clay. The Ladies leg, the sailors pipe and eagles claw, are to be found in the  Fancies section.     I also have  Hobbit pipes  here too!
Pipes make an unusual  hat decoration.   Factual information about pipes and the pipe making process maybe found it the  historical information section

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     making clay tobacco smoking re-enactment pipes     


Tinder box gin pressed pipes.

The original clay pipe making process

If placing multiple orders please read the  Shipping policy

The Pakuranga Toastie clay smoking pipe

pakuranga toastie  pottery pipe   

 Clay pipe  Npp127

The Pakuranga Toastie pipe story -  'out of the ground clay', Gin  pressed pottery pipe
I dug  clay for this pipe out of the ground were I lived, removed stones and roots, slaked the  clay in water, dried it to a 'pressable' consistency and pressed  the raw pipe clay in my gin press ....  It exhibits a bit of warpage in the stem, read more 

The Pakuranga Marbled Clay smoking pipe.

marbled clay pipe
 Clay pipe BSIM 1216


The  Pakuranga marbled clay pipe is made from raw ‘out of the earth clay’ blended with a commercial white earthen ware clay. Each pipe exhibits an individual marbled effect. length 11cm. Like the  Pakauranga Toastie,  it exhibits a bit of warpage in the stem, read more

White  earthenware Gin pressed clay tobacco pipe

white earthenware clay pipes - a re-enactment pipe

Clay pipe Npp128

Length 11 cm .Pressed in  the same  mold as the Pakuranga Toastie clay pipe -  the T.Mclachlin no 18 mold.
Comes with clay pipe information  booklet.
In October 2010 I received an inquiry for  pipes for the film ‘The Hobbit’  which was then in pre production. Read more;

Below you will find my short straight and curved  Hobbit pipes. As stated below, they are 18cm (7.086 inches in length)  -short! I have  shipped them all over the world. I can only recall one breakage during shipping and this is because they are short!  I ship in polystyrene cases- it works well.These pipes were supplied to the Hobbit as well as the long pipe.

Please note:  Gandalf long pipes :
I receive from time to time requests for my long Gandalf pipe - 13.5 inches.   I no longer make the Gandalf
long curved or straight  pipes for sale to the public as they are difficult to ship.

 Hobbit  straight pipe

Hobbit straight as I made for the film
Hobbit straight pipe HSP1

This pipe is  18cm ( 7.086 inches) long and glazed with the white opaque glazed tip.

Hobbit curved pipe

hobbit curved pipe
Hobbit curved pipe HCP 2


This pipe is  18cm ( 7.086 inches) long and glazed with the white opaque glazed tip.

Victorian  'Straws' and 'Cuttys'.

Looking for a  clay tobacco smoking pipe for re-enactment? Look closely at the next  three clay pipes.

Victorian  'Straw' clay tobacco smoking pipe

Victorain clay 'straw' smoking pipe  

 Clay pipe BSIM1214

The classic clay tobacco smoking pipe- 18cm ( 7.086 inches)   It confers dignity on the  clay pipe smoker with out the pretentiousness of  the Tavern and Church warden clay  tobacco pipes which - being longer, are more likely to break!  comes with clay pipe information booklet.

 Victorian Curved 'Straw' traditional clay tobacco smoking pipe. 

Victorian 'straw' curved clay tobacco smoking pipe  

 Clay pipe BSIM1215..
$ 20.00


Victorian small  plain red tipped clay tobacco smoking  pipe.

Civil war pipe

16 gms 11.5cms in length
Clay pipe Npp135.


A delicate  civil  war clay pipe.  Ideal hat ornament.  A  favourite of  historical re -enactors. Comes with clay pipe information  booklet.


Victorian pipes: 'Fancies'


The Carney - Eagles Claw  clay tobacco pipe .

eagles claw clay smoking pipe avaiable online

Clay pipe BSIM1211

There are many different claw pipes in the Victorian clay pipe catalogues.
This one is my copy of one. Comes with clay pipe information  booklet.

Ladies Leg - clay tobacco smoking pipe.

Ladies leg  clay tobacco smoking pipe   ladies leg clay tobacco pipe for re- enactors

Clay pipe Bsim1212

The  Ladies leg clay smoking pipe appears in the tobacco pipe makers catalogues of the Victorian era: Holland's and MClardy's. Slightly risqué in its time. A good addition for a clay pipe collection. 12 cm long ( 4.75 inches)  

Sailors pipe with ship  and anchor  on bowl.
  sailors clay tobacco pipe anchor decoration   sailors tobacco pipe for historical re-enactment

16 gms, 11cm/4.5 inches .
Clay pipe Npp136

Plain curved tobacco smoking pipe,green glazed tip. 

green curved plain pipe  

14cm/5.5 inch...
Clay pipe Npp134

 Comes with clay pipe information  booklet


Clay Pipes as hat decoration

American civil war hat with clay pipe  pottery pipe in felt  hat re-enactor with clay pipe in cap

historical pipe label

Historical information

Clay pipe making: the  gin press  process of manufacture