Tinder Box Clay Tobacco Pipes

I  make  traditional clay tobacco smoking pipes (pottery pipes). Buy clay tobacco smoking pipes online.  Visit my Victorian clay pipe range,  see  the  smaller re-enactment cutty clay pipe. See  traditional ‘Fancy clay pipes'  like:’ the Ladies  leg pipe,  and ‘The Carney, an Eagles claw pipe. In the  Gin pressed pipe section  read information on clay tobacco pipes and learn about the Pakuranga toastie  pottery pipe. Select from my  early 1900 clay tobacco smoking pipes.  Tinder box supplies clay tobacco smoking pipes to the historical re-enactment pipe  market and film makers .  Pipes make an  unusual  hat decoration and  gift.

In October 2010 I received an inquiry for  pipes for the film ‘The Hobbit’ which was then in pre production. From  my standard range which I make, five types of pipe were selected and a change was made to the tips – no longer glazed with red tips, I now made and  glazed these hobbit pipes with white opaque tips at  their request.  I supplied my   straight straw,  curved  straw,   small plain as well as my Pakuranga toasties – all with plain tips. In addition I made my long curved Aldermans for them - the Gandolf pipe. The Aldermans are  very easy to break both during the making process and in shipping  so I have never  offered them for sale on my web site. Some pipes went to the costuming department and some to the set dressing department. At the moment I am offering my  Hobbit  straight and Hobbit curved pipes, later  I may add the others.

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  A clay smoking pipe is a pottery (ceramic) pipe     brief pipe making history

Tinder Box Pipes

Tinder box  clay tobacco smoking pipes have  red or green stem tips.
, smoking pipes tips were painted.  I  glaze my clay pipe stems in a second firing to make them more pleasant to use.  
information on clay tobacco  pipes

Historical information on clay  tobacco pipes

  • Up until the second world war, clay tobacco smoking pipes  were produced with black tips to the stems for  funerals.
  • Green was often used for  irish clay pipes which had a shamrock emblem

Gin pressed pipes.

The original clay pipe making process
 Related Article: What is a gin press? Before the invention of the  gin press, it is thought that..........gin press tool to make clay smoking pipes

The Pakuranga Toastie pipe story -  'out of the ground clay', Gin  pressed pottery pipe
Early clay  pipes were made from clay dug out of the ground, warpage and cracking were common. Today, clay is manufactured from  the separate ingredients. Commercially produced, ‘scientifically’, modified and tested  clays  avoid warpage cracking and distortion. I wanted to make a  clay pipe by the original process using ‘out of the ground clay’. I dug  pipe clay out of the ground were I lived in Pakuranga, Auckland, New Zealand. I removed stones and roots, slaked the  pipe clay in water, dried it to a 'pressable' consistency and pressed  the raw pipe clay in my gin press in a  replica  Scottish T.McLachlin no 18  clay pipe mold. When  fired, it exhibited a ‘ toast’ appearance: the Pakuranga toastie clay, pottery pipe was born!  It exhibits a bit of warpage in the stem, but is a great little clay pipe, truly manufactured by the original clay pipe making process.  My friends  tell me they are a great smoke.  There are a limited number of 'Pakuranga toastie clay pipes'  - that suburb is  being covered in concrete. I have moved to Riverhead, but
  intend to  make a Riverhead clay pipe. 11cm. Visit my pipe making page to see the making process.

pakuranga toastie  pottery pipe   
The Pakuranga Toastie clay smoking pipe
 comes with clay pipe information  booklet.
Clay pipe  Npp127

The Pakuranga Marbled Clay smoking pipe
Five years after introducing the Pakuranga Toastie clay smoking pipe, I  decided to  blend the Pakuranga clay with my white  earthenware clay and the result is the  Pakuranga marbled pipe.
 Each pipe is different, exhibiting a marbled effect. Indeed I could not standardise the marbled effect if I tried!

11cm in length gin pressed out of the same mold  as the Pakuranga toastie and  White Eathenware clay pipes, it affords a unique and individual swirling pattern.
marbled clay pipe
comes with clay pipe information  booklet.
comes with Clay  pipe BSIM 1216

White  earthenware Gin pressed clay tobacco pipe
Pressed in  the same  mold as the Pakuranga Toastie clay pipe -  the
T.Mclachlin no 18 mold. White earthenware  pipe clay:
Bigger than the Pakuranga Toastie pottery pipe.  
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Gin pressed clay pipes -  during manufacture, will shrink as much as 25 percent from the raw clay wet state...shrinkage in clay pottery tobacco pipes
11 cm.

white earthenware clay pipes - a re-enactment pipe
comes with clay pipe information  booklet.
Clay pipe Npp128



The Hobbit pipes.

I have a limited number of the Hobbit straight and curved  pipes in stock a present.
 Please note:  I am not making the long curved or straight  pipes for sale to the public as they are difficult to ship without breakage.

 Hobbit  straight pipe
This pipe is  18cm ( 7.086 inches) long and glazed with the white opaque glazed tip as supplied to  the costume department and set dressing department
of Three foot seven in 2010.
Hobbit straight as I made for the film
Hobbit straight pipe HSP1

Hobbit curved pipe

This pipe is  18cm ( 7.086 inches) long and glazed with the white opaque glazed tip as supplied to the  costume department and set dressing department
of Three foot seven in 2010
hobbit curved pipe
Hobbit curved pipe HCP 2


Victorian  Pipes: 'Straws' and 'Cuttys'.

Re-enactors take note
 Historical Re-enactment  supplies.
Looking for a  clay tobacco smoking pipe for re-enactment? Look closely at the next  three clay pipes. I made these clay pipes  and use them myself.
information on claytobacco pipes for re-enactors
Historical information on clay  tobacco pipes

A 'Straw' is a  clay tobacco pipe of about 7 to 8 inches in length. 
Straws  were sometimes  called ' London straws',
A clay tobacco smoking pipes are called a 'clay' or 'clays'.  
A cutty is a plain short clay smoking pipe largely used by working men. 
Parts of the clay  pipe: the bowl - the hollowed part  containing the  tobacco,  the stem or shank, the thin part through which the smoke is drawn. 
At the end of the  pipe stem is the tip or mouthpiece.
Beneath the clay pipe bowl is the heel or spur. 
note the spur   Related article: Origin of spurs on clay pipesspurs on  victorian smoking pipes

Victorian  'Straw' clay tobacco smoking pipe -
ideal  re-enactment pipe.
The classic clay tobacco smoking pipe.

It confers dignity on the  clay pipe smoker with out the pretentiousness of  the Tavern and Church warden clay  tobacco pipes which - being longer, are more likely to break!
18cm ( 7.086 inches).
Victorain clay 'straw' smoking pipe  
comes with clay pipe information booklet.
Clay pipe BSIM1214
 Victorian Curved 'Straw' traditional clay tobacco smoking pipe. Red tipped stem.
Back in stock!
A nicely shaped clay tobacco pipe often used as a civil war pipe.
18cm ( 7.086 inches).
Victorian 'straw' curved clay tobacco smoking pipe  
comes with clay pipe information  booklet.
Clay pipe BSIM1215..
$ 20.00


Victorian small  plain red tipped clay tobacco smoking  pipe.
delicate clay pipe.  Ideal hat ornament
A  favourite of  historical re -enactors.
gms 11.5cms in length

Civil war pipe
comes with clay pipe information  booklet.
Clay pipe Npp135.


Victorian pipes: 'Fancies'

clay tobacco pipe information

Historical information on clay  tobacco pipes

  • "Fancy clay pipes' or  'Fancies'  are clay tobacco pipes of unusual shape and design. 
  • All pipe makers made fancies. The designs were often of  famous actors, actresses,  politicians and the names and motto's of military regiments.
  • There were  clay smoking pipes for football, fishing and  Masonic clubs etc.
  •  Some clay pipes were slightly risqué like the  Ladies  Leg pipe.  others had character like the Eagle's Claw clay tobacco smoking pipe 
  • There was no occasion  for which  'fancy'  clay tobacco smoking pipes were not made, competition to introduce new pipes was intense.

The  Grape  Vine - clay tobacco smoking pipe.
The grape vine  clay pipe has  grapes  and a leaf on one side of the bowl and  leaf and smaller bunch of grapes on the other.
 7 inches (18cm).

grape vine  fancy clay tobacco smoking pipe
comes with clay pipe information  booklet..
Clay pipe BSIM1210

The Carney - Eagles Claw  clay tobacco pipe .
There are many different claw pipes in the Victorian clay pipe catalogues.
This one is my copy of one.  I named it for my friends, two brothers, Jack and  Phil Carney.

eagles claw clay smoking pipe avaiable online
comes with clay pipe information  booklet.
Clay pipe BSIM1211

Ladies Leg - clay tobacco smoking pipe.
The  Ladies leg clay smoking pipe
appears in the tobacco pipe makers catalogues
of the Victorian era: Holland's and MClardy's.
Slightly risqué in its time.  
 A good addition for a clay pipe collection.
 12 cm long ( 4.75 inches)

Ladies leg  clay tobacco smoking pipe   ladies leg clay tobacco pipe for re- enactors

comes with clay pipe information  booklet.
Clay pipe Bsim1212

Sailors pipe with ship  and anchor  on bowl.
Did  you  know? Some sailors kept their clay pipes in their pierced ear lobe when they went aloft in the rigging! Delightful  small  reproduction sailors pipe!
 A delight to have in a clay pipe collection.
 16 gms, 11cm/4.5 inches.   
  sailors clay tobacco pipe anchor decoration   sailors tobacco pipe for historical re-enactment
comes with clay pipe information  booklet..
Clay pipe Npp136


Plain curved tobacco smoking pipe,green glazed tip. 
14cm/5.5 inch. 
historical re-enactment  clay pipe  green tip curved
comes with clay pipe information  booklet..
Clay pipe Npp134

Clay Pipes as hat decoration

  Re-enactment clay pipes     

American civil war hat with clay pipe  pottery pipe in felt  hat re-enactor with clay pipe in cap

Unusual clay pipe gift

packaging traditional clay tobacco pipes
Clay Pipes are shipped with a brief  history of pipe making
and make an attractive and unusual  gift

Shipping  policy

We  will ship  the goods within  14 days of  placement of your order.
All clay pipes shipped  International   rate - delivery  14  - 21 days.

 Out of stock  pipes

Where the pipe is out of stock we will advise you within  24 hours of receipt of your order.
 We will notify you when the clay pipe will  be in stock  and, either accept your order or, refund your money if you desire to cancel the order.
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